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Frog Dissection Homeschool App

App Name: Frog Dissection

Golden App AwardOverall Rating: 5/5

Mom’s Rating: 5/5

Kids Rating: 5/5


Apps for Homeschooling 5/5 ApplesRecommended Grades/Ages: Junior High, High School

Skills Developed: Dissection, Frogs, Biology, Life Cycles, Anatomy

Available On/Price: iPad – $3.99

Reviewed on: iPad

App Description:

Frog Dissection is the closest you can come to dissecting a real frog without actually doing so.  It provides detailed verbal instructions and all of the virtual tools you need to complete a frog dissection on the iPad.  Each revealed organ is then tappable to display a three-dimensional model of the organ and detailed information about its role in the frog’s body.

There is much more included in this app though, an entire illustrated e-book “All About Frog” is included with sections on classification, appearance, eating and living, special senses, life cycle, digestive system, organs, eco system, and comparing frogs and toads.

An illustrated comparison of the differences between human and frog anatomy and systems is included, illustrated instructions for conducting a wet lab if the opportunity arises to dissect a real frog, a frog quiz with multiple choice questions that tracks your score, computer animated frog videos, a listing of some major types of frogs, and some incredible interactive activities.

You can watch the frog’s digestive and respiratory system in action along with detailed descriptions of how these systems operate.  My favorite part of the app is the interactive life cycle activity where you can tap and slide your way through the frog’s life cycle, watching the changes as they take place on the frog as the timeline moves ahead with each sliding motion of your finger.

Parents may want to note that there is one brief old-earth reference in this app.

What We Liked:

If you are at all interested in incorporating a study of frogs into your science studies this year, you won’t want to miss Frog Dissection.  SO much more than dissection is included in the app (though that of course, is really neat!)  While much of the anatomical information is written at a junior to senior high level, even my young children like to dissect the frog – the audio instructions make it easy, watch the videos, and explore the interactive activities.

This is a very comprehensive app when it comes to frogs.  I learned quite a bit about them that I never knew before.  There is really a wealth of information included in this app, you could easily use it as the core of a frog unit study.  I love how it provides a ‘hands-on’ experience to help cement learning by dissecting the frog step-by-step and through the ability to rotate the organs, slide through the life cycle, and interact with the digestive and respiratory system.

The art and videos are all very well done – the frog isn’t lifelike enough to REALLY give you the willies while it’s being dissected, and neither are the organs – they’re all obviously computer generated, but…that can be a good thing sometimes!  Everything in this app is very professionally presented – it’s just top notch.

When I showed my mother (still homeschooling my little brother) this app, she was amazed.  She’s been considering buying an iPad and this app alone almost threw her over the edge – it’s that good.

What We Didn’t Like:

Not a dislike necessarily, but it would be nice if the app was set up for multiple users in the quiz section (it keeps track of scores, but if you have several children it can’t differentiate between them).  Also, some sort of search function would be very helpful for looking up specific information about frogs within the app.


If dissecting a frog is part of the requirements for your students in high school biology – this app will save you the trouble of hunting down a stinky dead frog for a lab.  Even if your children don’t NEED to dissect a frog and just want to learn more about frog anatomy, live cycles, or anatomy, you’ll want to buy Frog Dissection.

Buy this iPad app now – $3.99

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Disclosure: I received a promo code of this app to review.


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