How it Works: Machines HD App Review

App Name: How It Works: Machines HD for iPad – by Geek Kids

Apps for Homeschooling 5/5 ApplesOverall Rating: 5/5

Mom’s Rating: 5/5

Kids’ Rating: 5/5

Recommended Grades/Ages: Kindergarten, Grades 1-3

Skills Developed: Machinery, Puzzle, How Things Work

Available On/Price: iPad  – $1.99

Reviewed on: iPad

App Description:

How it Works: Machines HD is a unique app that combines easy to solve puzzles where your child puts together the major working parts of the machine, followed by an animation that shows how those parts work together to make the machine do its task.

There are nine machines included: car, rocket, locomotive, windmill, lawn mower, pump, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, and hair dryer.

Each puzzle breaks the machine up into its major parts that are tapped and dragged from the pieces on the right to the inside of a transparent machine body so your child can see where they belong.  Your child doesn’t need to place these parts exactly, just dragging and dropping them within the machine will guide them to the correct location.

Your child can access the animation – complete with sound effects –  showing how the machine works by tapping ‘Play’ (or automatically after the puzzle under ‘Build’ is completed).  Depending on the machine anywhere from one to three animations are included showing how the parts of the machine work together.

Other Notes: This app doesn’t include any ads, or in-app purchases, or social media integration. It does include an external link to the developer’s website under ‘more games’.

What We Liked:

How it Works: Machines HD is SO neat!  As soon as I brought it up on the iPad all of the children were clamoring around it for a turn.  So I loaded it on our second iPad as well and we had little girls gleefully peeking inside of machines and making them work.

The navigation of the app is really simple and straightforward, and the puzzle completion doesn’t require any previous technical knowledge about the placement of major parts, so it’s perfect for beginners.  Even very small children can take a look inside these transparent machines and see simplified (but accurate) depictions of how these parts come together to make a working machine.

The illustrations are all lovely and the app design is professional and well done.

What We Didn’t Like:

Nothing – this app is delightful!


Peek inside nine common machines, put them together, then enjoy animations showing how they work! How Machines Work: Machines HD is a perfect app for tinkerers, curious children, and budding machinists – if you have a child who likes to take things apart and put them back together (or tries to), this app will be an absolute delight for them!

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How It Works: Machines HD for iPad - by Geek Kids - Next is Great

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