Motivated Moms 2013 App Review

App Name: Motivated Moms 2013

Apps for Homeschooling 5/5 ApplesOverall Rating: 5/5

Mom’s Rating: 5/5

Kids’ Rating: NA

Recommended Grades/Ages: Tools for Mom

Skills Developed: Chores, Time Management, Scheduling, Planner, To-Do List

Available On/Price: Universal (iPhone/iPod/iPad) – $7.99

Android – GooglePlay $7.99

Android – Amazon AppStore $7.99

Reviewed on: iPad

App Description:

Motivated Moms 2013 is a digital daily chore planner that comes pre-loaded with tasks that have been scheduled over a 15-month period (from October 2012 to December 2013).  These tasks include a list of core daily chores that are listed each day, along with a rotating set of special tasks that only need to be completed every once in a while.

This app is actually a digital rendition of a downloadable chore planner that can be printed and written on – the pdf version is available in a variety of styles and sizes depending on layout preference and can be printed day by day, a month at a time, an entire year, and bound however you’d like (duo-tang, loose, binder, coils etc.)

I’ve also had a look at the printable version and it has it’s own pros and cons in comparison to the app.  It isn’t as easy to move items/schedule them repeatedly, color code or sort the paper version, BUT if you need a pen in your hand to think and plan, you can still get the pre-scheduled chore lists to work with.  The printable version also includes extra writing space for appointments, notes, menu plans etc. depending on the layout chosen, and the app doesn’t include this.

The app is fairly simple in design, but very cleverly organized.  It opens to the current date but also lets you jump around to other dates as desired.  The daily tasks are pretty comprehensive, with everything from making the beds and taking your vitamins to having your quiet time and reading to your children.  It even includes a Bible reading schedule that can be turned on and off that will get you through the Bible in one year.  Tasks are text-only without visual representations, so non-readers will need parental direction to know their assigned chores.

The less frequently scheduled tasks include cleaning the refrigerator in baby steps (just a bit at a time), vacuuming, replacing toilet paper, decluttering – it’s amazing how much is scheduled out for you.  Don’t think about it, wonder when to do it, or worry about it anymore, just grab the app and do it, if you keep going it will all get done eventually!

To get a good idea of the types of tasks included and the scope of the app, there is a free lite version you can try out.  It includes two weeks of scheduled tasks and lets you add 5 custom tasks (unlimited feature in the full version).

Chores can be assigned to any member of the family that you’ve added to the app, and can be color-coded by person (or not) for quick chore assigning. Chores can be sorted by the person assigned to them, creating individual to-do lists within the one master list.

Rooms can also be added and modified within the app.  Ever task can be either unassigned to a physical location, or have a room location added to it.  Chores can be sorted by room if you prefer to work through the house in zones during your family’s chore time.

Any of the pre-loaded chores can be modified – task names, hiding the task if it doesn’t apply to you, due date, the person the chore is assigned to, and the room it takes place in can all be changed.  You can also create your own tasks by filling in the same information to slot them into the calendar. The to-do list can be viewed as daily tasks alone, today’s special tasks, or all the tasks for the day together.

You can backup your app content and customizations by creating a backup file to email to yourself.  It also looks like there’s a way to transfer your customizations from one year’s app to another via Dropbox, but since this is the first year the app has been available, I can’t test out that feature.

Other Notes: This app doesn’t include any advertising, in-app purchases, social media integration, or external links.  It does include email links to tell your friends about the app and to backup your files by email.

Ratings Note: I don’t normally ask for the feedback of my children when reviewing tools for parents, so I haven’t included a Kids’ Rating.  (My oldest daughter did tell me she really likes the color coding and individualized lists.)

What We Liked:

I opened the app and loved it right away.  I’ve tried a number of chore planning systems but was often overwhelmed in the set-up process.  Index card boxes, binders, emails, it all seemed a bit overwhelming. much past trying to set-up my binder.  Motivated Moms is SO much better – intuitive and you can open and go!

It comes entirely pre-loaded with tasks that you can customize and add to, but is ready to roll as soon as it opens.  No brainwork required here (or very little of it!)  This is particularly good for women who weren’t taught systematic ways to keep an entire house clean on a regular basis (or just those of us who are a bit scatter-brained/distractible/have lots of kids/are homeschooling – you get the idea!)

This app really takes the thinking and planning out of things while leaving you room to tweak and adjust as needed.  I love the ability to add lots of people (big families) and assign chores to them, to color code those chores, to sort by different categories (by person, room, or alphabetically), to view daily chores, today’s special chores, or all the chores, it’s just wonderful.

Honestly, it’s just easy to use and I think it makes a fantastic at a glace master plan – mom’s chore control center – even if your children have their own visual scheduling apps for their own repeating chores.

What We Didn’t Like:

The iPad version of the app doesn’t take full advantage of the larger screen.  Instead the tasks stretch all the way across the screen instead of devoting some of that room to a note-taking section or a doodle pad.

I’d also love it if the tasks could be tapped and dragged to arrange their order on the screen.  They are listed alphabetically within the category they are sorted in, but I love listing tasks and to-do lists in the order they need to be done to line up with our routine.


Motivated Moms 2013 is a pre-filled master chore planner that arrives filled with both daily tasks and less frequently scheduled chores that also allows you to add your own chores.  The wonderful sorting and display options help to clearly display who is responsible for each task and the app provides just enough customization and flexibility.  Intuitive, open-and-go AND tailor-made; I’m impressed!

Buy this universal (iPhone/iPod/iPad) app now for $7.99!
Motivated Moms - 2013 - Tejas Soft LLC

Download the free lite version to try it before you buy it – universal (iPhone/iPod/iPad) – free!

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