Our Rating System

Wondering how our ratings work?  Read on!

Because homeschooling is a process that involves both parents AND children, we give each app we review three ratings – one from our children, one from mom, and an overall rating that averages the two.

If you are a parent and looking for a more critical rating, take a look at how many apples Mom has given the app.  We all know that enjoyable resources make homeschooling so much easier, so check the Kids’ rating to see how enjoyable this one was for our children. Our overall rating adds the two ratings, divides them by two and rounds up to the nearest apple to give a ballpark idea of what we thought.  Make sure to read the detailed review including “What We Liked” and “What We Didn’t Like” for all the nitty-gritties.

Most of the apps we review range from 3 to 5 Apples.  If you see a review for 1 or 2 Apples you can be fairly confident that the app has some serious issues, lacks educational value, and just isn’t recommended at all.

Apps for Homeschooling 3/5 Apples

Apps with a rating of 3 Apples are normally solid apps, but may not mesh well with our educational philosophies or have some usability issues.




Apps for Homeschooling 4/5Apps with a rating of 4 Apples are nice apps that we would generally recommend.  They likely have some areas they could improve in to be of better use to homeschooling families, but get the job done and are generally enjoyable and well designed.



Apps for Homeschooling 5/5 Apples

Apps with a rating of 5 Apples are very well done and are ones that we highly recommend.  There may be room for improvement, but apps with a 5 Apple rating are generally very high quality and definitely worth checking out.



Golden App Award

When we find an app that we think is good enough to form the core of a digital homeschooling curriculum for a certain subject and learning level (or is otherwise just spectacular) we award it a special designation – a Golden App Award.  While even these apps may have room for improvement, but they are either the best we could find for specific subjects/topics/grade levels.

An app that has received a Golden App Award has achieved a high standard of excellence in developing educationally sound, professionally designed apps of true use to homeschooling families.

In all cases, please read our detailed reviews to determine whether an app will work for your family.