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Thanks to you all for your support of the site.  To all the developers and readers who helped to make such a thriving resource for homeschooling families.

Since the birth of our fifth child I’ve struggled to maintain the site to the level it deserves, and we are now expecting a sixth darling!

As a result, if a potential responsible buyer comes along with a vision for the site, I will consider a sale of it.

Please email me if interested:

Thanks again for your support and for your understanding.

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Help homeschoolers find your app!

Busy homeschooling families have little time to sort through the vast array of apps available in the App Store.  Help them find your app with reviews written by a homeschooler for homeschoolers. offers a trustworthy source of reviews and news from the perspective of a mom who actively integrates apps into her children’s homeschooling schedules.

Homeschooling families are different than the casual iPhone parent, the majority of homeschoolers have purchased iDevices with the goal of furthering the education of their children by supplementing or filling gaps in their curriculum with educational apps.

The reviews here on Apps for Homeschooling create a permanent directory that parents can sort by age, subject, and rating, making it easy for them to find and purchase the apps they consider vitally important to the education of their children.  Your review will gain you not only exposure when it is first published, but will continue to draw attention to your app for the lifetime of our site.  Each review post undergoes careful SEO and often results in immediate high rankings in Google for targeted search phrases.

We are currently available to review apps for the iPod Touch and iPad.  Apps will be listed under all of the devices they are available for (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac, Android etc.) and the review will indicate which device they were reviewed on.

Free Reviews

  • accepts apps of interest to homeschooling families for review consideration.  All reviews will be honest and truthful – positive and negative points will be shared as applicable.
  • A promo code for the app must be provided.
  • If your app is selected for review, a detailed review will be written and posted to by an experienced, actively homeschooling mother.  A parental perspective will be shared as well as a child’s perspective (when an appropriately aged child is available to test with, currently children from 11 months – 8 years are available.)
  • No timeline can be given as to how quickly these reviews will be published and we cannot guarantee a review placement, or a personal response to your email due to the sheer volume of requests we receive.  We currently have a waiting list that is several months long.
  • Reviews are given Twitter and Facebook mentions with links.

Expedited Reviews

If you are interested in having an unbiased review of your app published more quickly, you may be interested in our expedited review service.  All of the details shared above for the free reviews also applies to expedited reviews, they are simply completed more quickly.  Please email with your app details before sending payment – all apps are subject to approval before acceptance  of an expedited review.  Upon receiving a promo code for your app and payment by Paypal for an expedited review in the amount of $75, your review will be published within 3 business days.


As a new website (went live August 23rd, 2011), we’ve been amazed by the traffic statistics, social media counts, and search engine ranking results, click through to the app store, and more that we’ve seen in a short period of time (you can see our fledgling stats below – we’re keeping it real – check them out for yourself).

We are currently ranked in the top 5 at Google for 40+ keyword searches including both general phrases such as “apps for homeschooling”, “homeschooling apps”, “homeschool app review” and others, along with subject specific searches where we’re often in the top 1-3 spots “geography homeschooling app”, “math homeschooling app”, “preschool homeschooling app”, “history homeschooling app” and many, many more.

From December 1st – December 31st, our site has received 55.7K page views, 20.2K unique page views (Google Analytics), and has sent 12.3K clicks through to the app store (North America only, international clicks approximately an additional 30%), not only that, but our affiliate statistics show that the apps we mention are selling!

Our visitors access almost 5 pages per visit on average, our bounce rate is incredibly low (2.4%).


Public Stat Counter statistics for this site.

Our Twitter account @AppsHomeschool – current followers around 1600 and growing.

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“Your review was definitely a factor to getting us noticed on the “What’s Hot” lists and showing up in the top paid apps list.”

Craig Welburn, Simplex Spelling HD

Promo Code Giveaways

  • 3 promo codes must be provided for giveaway purposes.
  • For apps that have been reviewed we will offer to write a separate post for your app that gives a brief description, links to your review, and allows site visitors to leave comments for a chance to win a promo code for your app (extra entries are awarded for following you on FB/twitter).
  • Twitter/Facebook giveaways are available using the ‘code toss’ method for apps we have not reviewed or for giveaways after the first post-based giveaway.  This includes several mentions of your app with links to iTunes in advance of the code toss, and a call to purchase with a link following the code toss.
  • Giveaways are always given at least two Twitter and Facebook mentions with links.
  • If we do not already have a copy of your app we require a promo code to preview it before the giveaway.

Get Started!

All apps submitted must be family-friendly.  We are selective about which apps we review.

To get started just fill out the form below – if you would like us to preview your app as a possibility for a full review or for consideration on our NEW app page, or our FREE/SALE page you will need to include a promo code with your message.

Please include:

  • The title of your app and a brief description.
  • A link to your app in the App Store.
  • The platforms/devices that can run your app.
  • If you are interested in providing promo codes for a giveaway.
  • Whether you are interested in purchasing our expedited review service, or promoting your app with an advertising slot in the Our Sponsors section in the right-hand sidebar.  If you choose to purchase our expedited review service we will review your app within 3 business days.

You may also be interested in our developer services if your app could benefit from beta testing, detailed recommendations for improvement, editing/rewriting, or native English writing of app descriptions and screenshot text.

Thank you for thinking of us!

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