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There are an estimated 2 million+ homeschooled children in the U.S. alone with homeschooling growing at the tremendous rate of 2-8% annually.  Homeschoolers are increasingly turning towards user-friendly, interactive, independent learning options for their children, and educational apps make it easy for children to review, practice, and learn new skills and concepts.

Many apps fit well within the subject areas and grade levels that homeschoolers are seeking teaching supplements for, but busy homeschoolers with limited time can quickly become overwhelmed by the variety of apps in the App Store and need help finding the best-of-the-best apps to enrich their children’s educations.

Written by a homeschooler for homeschoolers, offers a trustworthy source of reviews and news from the perspective of a mom who actively integrates apps into her children’s homeschooling schedules.


As a new website (went live August 23rd, 2011), we’ve been amazed by the traffic statistics, social media counts, and search engine ranking results, click through to the app store, and more that we’ve seen in a short period of time (you can see our fledgling stats below – we’re keeping it real – check them out for yourself).

We are currently ranked in the top 5 at Google for 40+ keyword searches including both general phrases such as “apps for homeschooling”, “homeschooling apps”, “homeschool app review” and others, along with subject specific searches where we’re often in the top 1-3 spots “geography homeschooling app”, “math homeschooling app”, “preschool homeschooling app”, “history homeschooling app” and many, many more.

Over the last month (December 1st – December 31st), our site has received 55.7K page views, 20.2K unique page views (Google Analytics), and has sent 12.3K clicks through to the app store (North America only, international clicks approximately an additional 30%), not only that, but our affiliate statistics show that the apps we mention are selling!

Our visitors access almost 5 pages per visit on average, our bounce rate is incredibly low (2.4%).  70% of our traffic comes from the US, and another 14% comes from Canada, Australia, and the UK in that order.  The remainder of our readers hail from Singapore, Ireland, Germany, France, Norway, Japan,  followed by a small amount of traffic from other international countries.

Homeschoolers are more than just casual app shoppers, they are looking for apps to fill gaps and to reinforce their curriculum, so they are eager shoppers who see educational apps as filling a vital role in their homeschools.


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Our Twitter account @AppsHomeschool – current followers around 1600 and growing.

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