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Thanks to you all for your support of the site.  To all the developers and readers who helped to make such a thriving resource for homeschooling families.

Since the birth of our fifth child I’ve struggled to maintain the site to the level it deserves, and we are now expecting a sixth darling!

As a result, if a potential responsible buyer comes along with a vision for the site, I will consider a sale of it.

Please email me if interested:

Thanks again for your support and for your understanding.

I’m Jennifer Bogart, a homeschooling mother, experienced writer, editor, beta-tester, and reviewer of traditional print educational materials and books both for children and adults, and educational apps (Apps for Homeschooling).

I am incredibly excited to apply my considerable experience as an educator and evaluator with both apps and traditional educational materials to my work with iOS app development community.

I can join your app development team remotely on a per-job basis to:

- Write app descriptions

- Write press releases

- Write screenshot text

- Re-write or edit in-app text

- Serve as an educational consultant to give suggestions for app functionality, design, and user interface improvements

- Provide detailed beta-testing for the iPod 4 and iPad 2

I specialize in working with developers who are not native English speakers to provide clear, easy-to-read, grammatically correct, properly spelled native English text for easy scanning by North American app buyers.  Investing in clear English writing can boost app sales by making your app description and in-app text appealing and easy to read.

You can read my work in the following apps/descriptions/screenshots:


As an educator, reviewer, and mother, my consultancy and beta testing services provide a detailed, user-level viewpoint of your app.  My recommendations for improvement have been included in many educational apps including:

- Simplex Spelling HD

“I think this change is a great improvement to the usability of the app.  Thanks for the feedback!  I think the new behaviour should be just about ideal now!” Craig Welburn, Pyxwise Inc.

- Number Bonds

“Jennifer is a great beta tester. It was very helpful to have feedback and statistics from a homeschooler’s perspective, especially when developing an educational app like Number Bonds.” @frogameleon 2011

- Adding Apples HD

- Big Top Circus

I’ve also found and reported bugs for too many apps to list here.

After getting to know your app (through Test Flight if pre-launch, or a promo code post launch) I will work together with your ideas, vision, and priorities for your app to create uniquely tailored content for your project.  I offer a dynamic exchange of ideas and will continue to work back-and-forth with you on your project until we are both pleased with the results of any of the services you select!

Please contact me with your project needs for details and a free quote.  I’m looking forward to joining your team!

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