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VERBS News - This looks like a really neat approach to practicingverbs/language. 

“Verbs News is a fun and creative language-therapy app for the iPad created by a certified speech and language pathologist for students to learn and practice verbs in four different tenses (simple present, present continuous, simple past, and simple future). It has a total of over 190 regular and irregular verbs represented in beautiful real-life pictures.

Children are welcomed by a boy named Andrew, who is a newsroom anchor. Andrew has his own channel, “Intro to Tenses,” in which children can watch four different animated movies that visually explain four different English tenses. After they watch “Intro to Tenses”, they may begin to practice the verbs. For each correct response, the children are awarded with an anchor microphone. At the end of the session, children can take the role of an anchor, record their own news, and watch it in the newsroom. (The video recordings are not saved in this app to comply with HIPPA.*)

Verbs News can be used for students with:
- language disorders and delays, such as specific language learning disorders, etc.
- learning disorders
- autism ”

Was $12.99

Buy this iPad app now for only $8.99!

See the full developer listing here!

Sid The Science Kid – Sid’s Slide to the Side – A Fingerprint Network App - Sid the Science Kid meets Friction – I might have to pick this one up! 

“Discover Sid the Science Kid – Sid’s Slide to the Side! Learn about friction through two exciting stories, then put your knowledge to the test with Sid and his friends in two fun games!

With two Livebook™ stories included as well as two games that are specially designed to be enjoyable as well as educational, Sid’s Slide to the Side helps develop creativity and reasoning skills, teaches all about friction, and most of all is fun for both parents and children!


✔ Two fully narrated and animated Livebooks™ – classic Sid stories that everyone will enjoy!

✔ Push-a-Puck: a fun exploration of friction and materials

✔ Sid’s Speedway: an educational driving game that teaches kids about friction through the power of play

✔ Includes a special song from Teacher Susie!”

Was $2.99

Buy this universal (iPhone/iPod/iPad) app now for only $0.99!

(6x+7)^8 Power Math - This one is for grades 6-8! 

“1. Six Domains, 116+ sample lessons to define the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade math, crafted to remove the fear of unknown
2. 1,000+ lessons will be available for unlimited download. These lessons will be created by expert teachers, subject matter experts, and innovators by the end of 2013.
3. Build unlimited lessons and to design curriculum with creative tools. Freedom to share with 1, 20, or all.
4. Ability to connect to K-5 math, to review and to catch up. Connect coherently to high school level math, Algebra, Functions, Number & Quantity, Geometry, and Statistics.
5. Create “think-out-loud” lessons with stroke by stroke playback, math tools, images, and audio. Images can be moved, scaled, and rotated. Students can interact with the lessons with or without a timer.”

Was $4.99

Buy this iPad app now for only $1.99!

Dragon Spell – “Fly your way through 3 spectacular worlds and help out
Kessler the dragon with collecting his missing letters! 

Dragon Spell is a fun and engaging way to practice your
spelling. The game includes over 900 narrated English words.
Just fly and collect the letters in the right order to gain
score and money.

Each world introduces a set of monsters and a boss creature
you’ll need to defeat by spelling words correctly.

Dragon Spell combines practicing your child motor skills while enhancing their vocabulary, and most importantly having fun!”

Was $1.99

Buy this universal (iPhone/iPod/iPad) app now for only $0.99!

There is also a free lite version you can try before you buy here!

Walter’s Flying Bus – An Inspiring Storybook of Dreams Taking Flight! – This app is in support of African orphans. 

““Walter’s Flying Bus” is inspired by the real-life art and dreams of Walter and his friends, who all live together at a special needs orphanage in Uganda. Walter lives without a family, and was badly burned as a young boy, yet despite his circumstances, he still seeks adventure and dreams of being a bus driver someday.

Watch the mini-documentaries on each of the children from the story to learn about their interests and dreams!

ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of after-tax profits from App sales go to efforts helping orphans with special needs, including orphan care and support for families completing adoptions.

“Walter’s Flying Bus” Features:
• Interactivity within an Animated Adventure
• Narrated in English, Spanish and Luganda (A primary language of Uganda)
• Inspired by the real-life art and dreams of orphaned children in Uganda
• Fully scored with original music
• Auto Play feature

• Ability to select ENGLISH, SPANISH or LUGANDA Narration (iPhone Version Textless)
• Mini-documentaries of the real-life children featured! (Requires Internet Connection)
• Celebrates the beauty and dignity of every child
• On/off music selection
• Chapter selection”

Was $4.99

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Buy the iPad app now for only $0.99!

Split Box – “How many are behind the curtain? 

Compose and decompose numbers and practice subitizing in this math activity. The Split Box is the ideal way to visualize the composition of quantities up to 10.”

Was $3.99

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The battle of Cannae - Great for older history lovers and Hannibal fans! 

“THE BATTLE OF CANNAE is a multimedia book designed to allow students and enthusiasts of history to relive thefamous conflict, meet the leaders and the soldiers of both of the warring factions, take part in the maneuvers, gain an understanding of the strategies and witness events as they unfolded.

The centerpiece of the application is a reconstruction of the battle itself, which took place on an arid plain in Puglia, Italy, on a long, hot summer’s day in 216 BC. Featuring explanations and narration by the historian Alessandro Barbero…

The application illustrates the battle’s historical context, its key players, the deployments used, the weaponry, tactics and makes use of advanced multimedia tools to accompany the information-rich narrative.

Employing videos, images, text, interactive maps and 3D models, the application The Battle of Cannae represents a new way of reading, understanding and reliving the past.”

Was $7.99

Buy this iPad app now for only $0.99!

Trees are Best FACT – LOTS of info about trees in this title. 

“Join 8 year old Oliver T. Baker, as he shows you exactly why Trees are Best (and diggers are not), in this fully interactive picture book exploring the beauty and wonder of trees.

This inspiring app blends beautiful illustration with hours of fun, through animated features and a specially designed art page, allowing you to draw your very own tree and share with all your friends.

Written and illustrated by the award winning design studio Firecatcher and brought to life by hedgehog lab.


- Interactive elements to every page with hints to help you discover them
- Original story
- Fantastic interactive drawing page, with the function to share your picture via Facebook and email.
- Narration
- Animations and sound effects”

Was $3.99

Buy this iPad app now for only $2.99!

Simplex Spelling HD – Dolch Sight Words With Reverse Phonics - This is a Golden App award winner - really an awesome approach to spelling phonetically with lots of preloaded words. See my full review here. 

“Simplex Spelling improves English spelling and reading skills in a fun and interactive way by combining a unique “reverse phonics” approach with contextually relevant spelling rules that explain why words are spelled in a particular manner. It works like a personal spelling coach with every word.

Simplex Spelling HD teaches the Dolch sight words to establish a base foundation in spelling and reading fluency.

★ Over 260 high frequency spelling words to help build literacy.
★ Words are spoken and used in a sentence to establish context.
★ Introduction seamlessly leads a student through the application’s features by providing spoken information while having the student spell new words.
★ Powerful phonics hint feature sounds out each word and provides a list of possible phonograms for each sound.
★A full “reverse phonics” approach that includes sounds made by all the different letter combinations.
★ Contextually relevant spelling rule hints that help explain “how to spell” English words.
★ Unique letter by letter feedback system that provides immediate feedback.
★ Guaranteed success on every word.
★ Support for multiple user accounts.
★ User stats screen that allows you to see words that have been mastered and words that require further practice.
★ Remembers each user’s position and progress.
★ Supports both upper and lower case letters.
★ Supports both alphabetic and QWERTY keyboard layouts.
★ Supports both US, UK and Canadian English spelling.
★ An approach that appeals to audio, visual and tactile learners.”

Was $4.99

Buy this universal (iPhone/iPod/iPad) app now for only $1.99!

Download the free lie version here! Fully functional, 50 unique spelling words.

Ending Sound Sorts HD – “Ending Sound Sorts HD for iPad builds reading skills needed for developmental reading, especially for mastering ending sounds. In this fun educational app, the child matches the pictures to the ending sound letter(s) shown in the middle. The child can tap any picture to hear the pictures name. The first five levels provide letter(s) sounds to help the child associate what the ending sound match might be. Levels 6-15 do not have letter(s) sounds so the child is challenged to develop more skills to build reading strategies. A fun match game is provided at the completion of all levels. 

* Developed by a kindergarten teacher and Reading Recovery Specialist from Australia.
* Easy to learn educational app for children ages 3-6.
* Helps children build developmental reading skill strategy.”

Was $2.99

Buy this iPad app now for only $1.99!

All of the other apps in the series are also on sale – find them all here!

Hundred Square (Kids Maths) – “I wrote this to help my 6 year old Son with his Maths. 

It is a simple 100 square of the type you will find kids using in schools everywhere but this iPad version is interactive and allows your child to trace the sum with their finger and see the result visually.

My son found this much more engaging than a traditional 100 square and it really helped his maths, I hope it can help others.”

Was $1.99

Buy this iPad app now for only $0.99!

NIV Quest Study Bible from Zondervan – “Passages that once puzzled you become clear as you explore God’s Word and uncover the meaning of Scripture using the insights extracted from the Zondervan New International Version Quest Study Bible. 

Includes the complete New International Version of the Bible and over 7000 Questions & Answers from the Bible.

* Browse through an ever-changing variety of compelling, and often difficult, questions about the Bible.

“Is it OK to question God?”

“Why do material things make me feel good?”

“Why does God allow bad things to happen?”

“Are people just pawns in God’s chess game?”

“How involved should Christians be in caring for the earth?””

Was $14.99

Buy this universal (iPhone/iPod/iPad) app now for only $4.99!

We try to keep this list updated, but app prices can change at any time.  Please keep that in mind if the price is different when you click through.  I may not have personally used all of these apps, listing them here does not imply a recommendation.

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Ladybug’s Box: Mathematics for early childhood - ”Ladybug’s Box teaches mathematics to kids of the kindergarten and first classes of primary school. Through Ladybug’s Box, children are introduced to really important mathematical concepts like spatial thinking, patterns, working with numbers and arithmetic calculations. The interactive elements of the game and different educational approaches, integrating both constructivistic and behaviouristic perspectives make Ladybug’s Box a great educational tool for our little friends.

Concepts approached by Ladybug’s Box:
+ Spatial Thinking (Giving directions/Working with maps)
+ Patterns
+ Counting and Subitizing
+ Calculations
+ Identifying Shapes”

Was $4.99

Download this iPad app now for free!

Math Dojo – Fun Math for Kids - All the Math Dojo apps are free right now (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division), this description is for the addition app – scroll down for the full developer listing link.

We reviewed Save the Sushi and it’s a pretty fun multiplication app – so go check out this series while it’s free!

“Math Dojo Additions is a challenging game that teaches kids about math and arithmetic.
The game’s mission is to train your Ninja Yogotar solving math problems. Kids have to solve additions to defeat the Ignarous Army.

Why Play this Game?

This fun and educational game help children in elementary school ages to practice arithmetic problems.
Kids will have fun and enjoy unlocking amazing super powers.
Math Dojo is perfect for beginners and experts in mathematics. Download the full version and enjoy of 30 levels of difficulty.

• 3 challenging difficulties
• 10 different opponents
• 30 fun stages
• Cool battles and amazing powers
• Game and tutorials in English and Spanish included”

Was $2.99

Download this universal (iPhone/iPod/iPad) app now for free!

Find the whole series here for free in the full developer listing!

Bugsy in Math Kingdom - ”Bugsy in Math Kingdom is a math drill adventure game that aims to help children master basic addition and subtraction operations. We believe that drill games are beneficial because they have the potential to help kids strengthen their mental math skills, enabling them to stop using their fingers and other props to perform basic math calculations.

Math sheets and flashcards are still widely used in classrooms all over the world, and they have proven to enhance basic arithmetic skills. With Bugsy in Math Kingdom, we applied basic gaming principles to entertain, engage, and motivate students to practice math. We hope to enable children to increase their mental math speed and accuracy without them even knowing it!


- Basic Arithmetic — addition & subtraction up to 99.
- Self-Adjusting Play Speed — makes the game manageable for children with different skill levels.
- Carefully Designed Game Mechanics — playing is as easy as typing the answers to a math problem.
- Easy & Hard Game Modes — choose the right challenge based on your child’s skills.
- Track Learning Progress — see how well your child is doing on each level.
- Developed By An Expert — app development process supervised by an early childhood development expert.”

Was $2.99

Download this universal (iPhone/iPod/iPad) app now for free!

Lil Sub ABC – Learn to Spell Sea Words – “Learn to spell ocean themed words!

Tap the letters before they pop!

Fun controls, bubbles and music add a new twist to the traditional spelling app. The submarine sinks, and each level is unique. There is also an alphabet round on each level.

Key Features Include:

- A variety of songs
- Beautiful, colorful graphics
- Unique words and characters in each level
- Designed with large buttons easy for even babies to participate”

Was $0.99

Download this iPad app now for free!

Dynastid Beetle – Great developer, even if the description is a bit lacking :).

“What kind of environment do beetles live on? How does larva of beetle look like?
To your children who just got interested in nature, the beetle application could be fun and be a good friend.
Instead of reading and understanding about nature, you can touch and observe beetle and have fun with your family.”

Was $1.99

Download the iPhone/iPod app now for free!

The iPad app is on sale now for only $0.99 as well.

Just Me and My Mom – Little Critter - Oceanhouse Media makes apps with awesome early literacy support, and Little Critter books are classics! 

“Little Critter enjoys a special day in the city with his mother. He means well, but gets himself in trouble all along the way. His mother is oh so patient when Critter loses the train tickets, picks up a dinosaur egg in the natural history museum, and misbehaves at lunch. In spite of his difficulties, Little Critter happily falls asleep on the train going home, exhausted from the big outing with his mother.

Mercer Mayer’s Little Critter stories, which address all the major issues of growing up, are perennial favorites of parents and children.

Recommended Ages: 2-5

- New! Record your own voice
- New! Share voice tracks with others that own this app
- New! Page selector
- New! Options for sound effects, hot spots and alerts
- Three ways to read: “Read to Me,” “Read it Myself,” and “Auto Play”
- Picture / Word association — words zoom up and are spoken when pictures are touched
- Individual words highlight and are read aloud when tapped
- Find the creature mini-game
- Professional audio narration
- Custom background audio for each scene
- Pages pan & zoom to accentuate the beautiful, original art of Mercer Mayer”

Was $1.99

Download this universal (iPhone/iPod/iPad) app now for free!

iLuv Drawing Dinosaurs HD – Another great iLuv Drawing app! 

“Whether you are dinosaur fan or you want your child to learn more about them, then learning to draw dinosaurs is a great place to start! You can now learn how to draw many dinosaurs such as T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor and more, step by step with this app! And you can hear dinosaur sounds too! With voice instructions, kids will learn more about dinosaurs such as their names and body parts! They can proudly customize and share their creations with coloring, editing, decorating and sharing toolset!

Look for an educational and creative value beyond just coloring apps; drawing apps with blank pages; or how to draw apps with limited choices and features!

✔ Learn to draw cartoon style dinosaurs by tracing over step by step templates. Stegosaurs, T-Rex, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Ankylosaurus, Ceolophysis, Gallimimus, Pachycephalosaurs, Gigantoraptor, Quetzelcoatlus and Scelidosaurus.
✔ Very intuitive and easy to use interface.
✔ Friendly voice instructions.
✔ 19 cute dinosaurs to choose from such as
✔ A vibrant coloring pallet to color the finished drawing.
✔ Combined brush and color pallet.
✔ Many custom backgrounds and textures to add to the finished drawing.
✔ Add stickers to the drawing.
✔ Editing tools such as eraser, redo, undo, start over.
✔ Save in a drawing book or photos.
✔ Print your masterpiece.
✔ Ability to edit the saved drawing.
✔ Blank pages to practice what you learned or freehand drawing.”

Was $2.99

Download this iPad app now for free!

Word Book and Puzzle Box: Kids Favorite Activity Center in an Interactive Playing Room - We LOVE this one (see our review here – 5/5 Apples) – it combines puzzles, phonetic spelling, bedrooms to decorate – so fun! I said, “Word Book and Puzzle Box HD contains a huge amount of highly motivating early literacy and spatial skills practice in an incredibly motivating format that my children adore. Whether spelling animal names or building jigsaw and shape-based puzzles, my three oldest children have worked industriously to earn the stars needed to elaborately and distinctly decorate their individual bedrooms. This app is a great choice for the early years – the large number of puzzles and spelling words make this an affordable and well-designed choice.” 

Was $1.99

Download this iPad app now for free (there are additional IAP too, but lots of included content)!

Happipets - This is a really unique concept for an alphabet app! A bit tricky to describe, but go grab it! 

“An innovative and imaginative app to play with alphabet, unleash children creativity and encourage hands-on learning.

Let’s kids compose animals using alphabet letters: move, rotate, flip, turn and resize letters and combine them to create a Lion (12 real animals included) or an Edufefeo (12 fantastic beasts included) or your own Happipet (more than 240 letters and infinite combinations).

And by now Kids can listen to the narrator that pronounces letters, animal’s name and tells their habits.”

Have fun!

Was $1.99

Download this iPad app now for free!

Clever Cards Maths Games -
“Clever Cards Educational Maths Game
★ A superb App for fun with maths.
★ Play solo or invite friends to play with you or play with your kids and see the results.
★ Fun, Educational game for addition,subtraction,multiplication and division.
★ Kids learn quicker when they enjoy themselves
★ Proven results on Math skills, accuracy and speed
★ Don’t be surprised, let the results show added confidence with numbers
★ A fun Game that rewards players, collect virtual gifts or send them to your friends or kids.
★ Create a Profile to play,multiple players per ipod
★ A leader board for players to view their results.
★ A multi-level multi-skilled game for the children and adults to new games in higher levels.
★ Practice makes perfect, so make it fun and you could be top of the class
★ Teach young ones at home with a pack of cards and then watch them play.” 

Was $0.99

Download this iPhone/iPod app now for free!

Rocket Book - Beautifully illustrated storybook app. 

“The famous animated interactive book with unique 3-dimensional scenes and great narration. The new technology of 3-D scene gives a depth to picture, because all of parts and characters move like in 3D cinema.

It is a book about the upward progress of a rocket, lit in the basement by the janitor’s son, causes some strange situations as it passes through 20 floors of apartments!”

Was $0.99

Download this iPad app now for free!

Most Important Story - There are lots of free apps available on any given day – don’t forget to give your kids and those you love the mostimportant story ever told! :) 

“This Scripture-filled story tells of creation, fall of man, birth and life of Jesus, the cross, resurrection and ascension! The only Christian Bible App for children that unfolds the full Gospel story. The wraparound story challenges the user to make a decision for Christ.

This print book has been used by individuals on short term mission trips as well as major ministries such as Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse. Now everyone can have this proven evangelistic story on their iPad or iPhone.

The App brings the book to life in three different modes – all in this one App.

The user taps the characters in the book to have actors speak the words of the story. Fun interaction and great production values make this perfect for all ages. The user can read along — as well as listen to the voices to help non-readers.

This mode allows the same interactivity but the user reads along without the voices.

This mode is a simplified version of the Bible portion which allows the user to swipe quickly through the story to explain and visually support a one on one presentation of the Gospel.”

Was $1.99

Download this universal (iPhone/iPod/iPad) app now for free!

I Went Potty - Because potty training IS homeschooling – don’t you forget it ;). 

“Potty training is easy with the I Went Potty iPhone app. Reward your child after each bathroom visit by holding out the “I Went Potty” button. I Went Potty will instantly reward your child for each success plus send other free rewards that build confidence and quickly potty train even the most challenging kid in diapers.

Included in I Went Potty:

- A large “I Went Potty” button for your child to press after every successful bathroom visit
- A Potty Chart to track your progress
- Facebook integration so you can share your potty training success
- A rewards system complete with free email reward certificates”

Was $0.99

Download this iPhone/iPod app now for free!

The Purple Frog – Storybook app with early literacy supports. 

“PURPLE FROG is an interactive children’s book with original artwork and voice narration that will draw kids into a magical world while teaching them to read, speak and spell properly.


★ PURPLE FROG is a fable of acceptance and friendship that engages young readers.

★ Beautiful hand-drawn artwork gives every frame depth and character.

★ Professional voice narration and sound effects bring the story to life!

★ See your child’s eyes light up as they tap on various elements to learn the spelling and pronunciation of words.

★ Enjoy having the story read to you or read the story yourself. Perfect for every level of reader!”

Was $3.99

Download this universal (iPhone/iPod/iPad) app now for free!

Hello to the Moon! - ”This fully animated, interactive storybook app makes kids everywhere look forward to bedtime! The sweet story shares how the moon can make us feel connected to other people, even if they are far away from us. 

On every page, a small animation (such as a light flashing in a window, or stars twinkling) begins after the lines from the story are read. Touch the screen to activate fun animations and sound effects (such as the scene changing from day to night).

Each word is highlighted as it is spoken, to assist early readers.”

Was $1.99

Download this iPad app now for free!

Zachy the Robot: The Leaning Tower of Robocity - “Kids! Join Zachy and his friends, the Repairbots, as they save the day in Robocity! In episode 1: The Leaning Tower of Robocity, Zachy and the Repairbots must find a a way to fix a skyscraper that’s starting to lean over. Join the Repairbots on this exciting, fun-filled adventure and help them with their mission before its too late and the skyscraper falls over! 

Parents: Zachy the Robot is an interactive cartoon series that introduces children ages 3-7 to basic STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) concepts. The first season of episodes will teach kids very basic engineering skills. In episode 1, Zachy and his friends will teach your children about balancing structures. Through a series of interactive puzzles and Q&A segments, children will learn about different aspects of balance which will ultimately inform them on how to help the Repairbots fix the Leaning Tower of Robocity before it fall over. The purpose of this series is not to train 3 year old structural engineers, but rather, to get kids interested in these subjects early on so that later in life, they may be more inclined to pursue a career in a STEM field–or at least pay attention in math and science classes in high school and college!”

Was $1.99

Download this universal (iPhone/iPod/iPad) app now for free!

We try to keep this list updated, but app prices can change at any time.  Please keep that in mind if the app is no longer free when you click through.  I may not have personally used all of these apps, listing them here does not imply a recommendation.